Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Disruption of Local Food Supply


CPC Community Feeding Plan


We have some supplies marked Emergency Use Only in the Missions Room.  These are not for general distribution in food boxes.  These are for bulk feeding in the event of supply chain disruption and community hunger.  These are items such as beans, rice, pasta, and even Ramen.

I have some frozen meat (very little) in the back freezer.  Mostly we are looking at carb-heavy meals that put calories into hungry stomachs, sometimes with a taste of meat. The F4 frozen meat will remain allocated to F4.

Should we need to feed some from the community, we would need people to bring fresh items such as onions, peppers, carrots, potatoes, and the like.  We could also take other donations such as rice, pasta, and even some meat.  While national systems may be disrupted, food will be available locally from gardens and freezers.  The food on hand will prime the pump but a procurement system will be necessary for long-term feeding.

We will need donations from the community that we are feeding.

Should there be a need, we would begin to feed on Mondays and Fridays.  We could continue F4 for those who attend worship and classes, but the other two days would be for general community feeding.  A copy of our plan will go to the other churches in the Ministerial Alliance so they may serve the community without redundancy.  Our Focus is Burns Flat and Dill City to some extent, but I would hope that the Dill City Churches would take on part of this need.

Food box distribution will be stopped or significantly reduced because of the plenary need.


This will not be a zero to sixty operation.  A mobilization period of 2 weeks is needed.  This gives people a chance to exhaust what they have in personal stores and reserves.  Some have more/less than others but most should be able to survive on what they have for 2 weeks.

Those who have an abundance will be encouraged to give during this period so as to increase the church's stores.


I estimate between 100 and 400 people per feeding once underway.  Portion size will be conservative.  Drinks will likely be ice water with some occasional tea or Kool-aide.

People will need to bring their own bowl, spoon, cup or glass, and napkins.  We will not use consumable paper and plastic supplies.  This information will be posted at the usual spots in town.  We will not do take out unless we know the person and their need. 

Feeding will be once per day, likely in the evening.

I will need 4-6 helpers each week. I would like to have a project manager but can run this myself if needed. While in many ways this is transactional—people show up and we feed them; we want to use the opportunity to be transformational—call people to know and serve Jesus as Lord.

We need a prayer station at each meal (probably in the sanctuary).  I would like to have 1 or 2 elders to man this station. The station will have gospels for distribution as needed.  If a relationship is sustained, we may give the family a Bible.  Those seeking a relationship with the Lord should be referred to the pastor.  This does not preclude the elders from permitting the individual or family from professing their faith.

Should disruption of services continue beyond 3-5 weeks, we will need a reliable source of supply.  I suggest that two people be assigned to identify procurement sources.


Food for this mission has been taken from the Local Help line item.  While we have already exceeded the $800 appropriated from the budget for the Local Help line item; we have funds that have been donated specifically for the purpose of helping the local community.  Of all the areas where we are not currently struggling financially, local help leads the list. Judicious expenditure of the funds while supplies are not in high demand is essential.  Funding without a reasonable source of supply will leave us ill-prepared to address community needs.


Should we be blessed not to have this need to meet, the food stored could be transitioned to food boxes and F4 supplements in the next fiscal year.  I will approach the session and ask for concurrence before transitioning emergency supplies for general consumption in other programs.  I anticipate having a clearer picture of the national situation and community need by October 2021 (FY22).

My hope is that this is just an exercise in logistical planning, but this is not a need that can be well met without advanced planning and preparation. It cannot be fully met without prayer and participation by many in this body and the community.

Should it look like we may need to do this, refinements and assignments will follow.  Helpers are always available and ready.  Finding procurement managers in lean times requires someone with gifts, perseverance, and a calling to serve the body in this manner.  Pray about this

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