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Updated 30 April 2020

The session meets Sunday 3 May 2020 at 6 pm.  The single agenda item is resuming normal operations.  Expect an update from that meeting on Monday, 4 May 2020.

Updated 18 April 2020

We distributed the elements for 64 people to partake following the broadcast last Thursday evening where Tom explained the process and offered the words of the institution.

We hope to gather together once again soon, but if needed we will do something similar in May to remember Jesus the way that he instructed us to.

Updated 11 April 2020

Just added...

We didn’t get to have our come and go communion service yesterday, but we will have one next week. I know that Maundy Thursday is special to you. We think of it as the evening when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples but it gets its name from the command that Jesus gave.
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35 NIV)
My plan is to pray and have the words of the institution read at 6 pm on the 16th. This will be on Facebook Live. Then I will come outside and provide the elements to each car that comes through beginning at 6:30 and continuing to 7:30 pm. This will not be on Facebook Live, but it will give people a chance to view the first part and make their way to the distribution point at their convenience.
I will give the elements and a short prayer to each car. Passengers may partake in the parking lot or when they get home.
If you cannot get out, contact the elder serving as your shepherd. See if they would bring the elements to your house that same evening or if they would set up an appointment for me to stop by your home.
We are called to partake of The Lord’s Supper on a regular basis. A little social distancing doesn’t amount to much of a challenge. Come and partake if you are able.

Try this video update.

1 April 2020

It was wonderful to meet yesterday morning.  We actually had more folks than I expected but all were blessed to be here and lift their voices to the Lord, make offerings, and hear God’s word read aloud.  Many of you did participate online.

Proactive and not panicked.

·         Sunday Classes -Not doing these but would ask all to begin some sort of home Bible study.  The book of James primed the pump.  We could all do the same book or each Bible study could be unique.
·         Wednesday Evenings – Not practical to continue, but what a great night to have home Bible studies.
·         Fellowship Meals – Postponed.
·         Funerals – Limit on family and can be shared with FB live.  No traditional meal but if needed we will look at bringing food to the family – old school.
·         Wedding/Baby Showers – Not in the traditional format.  More to follow.
·         Scout Meetings -no
·         Near Term Missions (Egg Hunt) – Not in the traditional format with a whole bunch of kids at once.  Looking at alternatives that will concurrently be a chance to break away from the patterns of the world and let the word of God and the symbols of his church be enough.
Here’s some general information that might be helpful now that your routine has been disrupted somewhat.
What about tithes and offerings?  Many tithe because it’s about your relationship with God.  Instead of putting your tithe in a plate, we ask that you mail it to Box 8 Burns Flat 73624.
We may come up with some sort of dropbox inside the church building for those who don’t want to mail their tithe or offering.  If you drop it by, Tom will put it in an envelope if it’s not in one already.  What you give is between you and God.
Tom will post the Money Message again on the church FB page for those who don’t understand God’s directions to us on our time, talents, and treasures.
You may also mail or drop off your goat and 2 chickens offering.  We still enjoy blessing others who don’t have much at all.
We still help with food.  Monday afternoon beginning at 1 pm, we will give out pop tarts and peanut butter.  We ask that one person from each family come into the building to pick up these items.
We still help with food beyond these kid-friendly items.  Talk to Tom.  He will still be in his office.
If you are out of toilet paper, we will give you a roll.  That will probably get you by until it’s on the shelves again.
I’m going to give you a phrase that is easy to remember.  Let’s look for OPPORTUNITIES IN OUR OBSTACLES.  If you see a chance to do good, take it.
If you think it’s something that is repeatable, share it.
Over the next few weeks, we will develop and refine a shepherding plan.  That is, someone will be checking on you to make sure you are ok and know that you are loved.  It might just be a phone call or text considering the current situation, but nobody should feel alone.
God loves you.
Love one another.

You are not in this alone!

Do you prefer a video update?

Men of Integrity is taking a time of discernment to decide whether or not to continue.  Participation had atrophied.  If you are interested and will commit to meet once each month, talk with Tom Spence.


Cans.  Yes, cans are in the news...

If you saw a dollar bill blowing in front of your house, would you snag it?  What if it was a $5 bill?  Would you exert a little effort for this sort of return?  Let’s talk CANS.  How many aluminum cans do you throw away every week?  Save them and bring them to the east side of the church building bagged securely for recycling. This helps fund our youth group and camps.  Can’t bring them in yourself, contact a youth group member to pick them up.  Youth Group, check with your neighbors.

F4 is not meeting in our distanced situation. Stay tuned for updates.

Check out our new Shepherding List.

Follow this link for Planning Dates.


 Dates to Rember
(Many subject to Change)

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