Saturday, June 11, 2016

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Updated 3 August 2019

Men of Integrity meet at Rudy's Superette on the 4th Saturday of each month at 9 am.  Bring your Bible.  Bring a friend.  No Girlz.

   The next Meeting is 24 August 2019.

Cans.  Yes, cans are in the news...

If you saw a dollar bill blowing in front of your house, would you snag it?  What if it was a $5 bill?  Would you exert a little effort for this sort of return?  Let’s talk CANS.  How many aluminum cans do you throw away every week?  Save them and bring them to the east side of the church building bagged securely for recycling. This helps fund our youth group and camps.  Can’t bring them in yourself, contact a youth group member to pick them up.  Youth Group, check with your neighbors.

F4 resumes in September! Our Wednesday gatherings resume on 11 September 2019 at 6 pm.  We conclude promptly at 8 pm.  F4 is for the entire family.


Dates to Remember:  2019

11 Aug—School Supply pick up (4-6 pm)
14 Aug—Lunch for Teachers & School Staff 
17 Aug—RRP Committee Meetings in Denton TX
  1 Sep –Pulpit Supply (Gideons) 
  8 Sep—Pulpit Supply (Rev Burdick)
24 Aug—Men of Integrity
25 Aug—Sunday School Promotion
28 Sep—Men of Integrity
28 Sep—Red River Presbytery @ Marlow CPC
29 Sep—Fellowship Meal—Team 3
26 Oct—Men of Integrity
  1 Dec—First Sunday of Advent
  3 Dec—1 Pot Meal & Activities
10 Dec—1 Pot Meal & Activities
15 Dec—Christmas Play & Finger Food Fellowship—Christmas Team
25 Dec—Christmas
29 Dec—Fellowship Meal—Team 4

Dates to Remember:  2020

5, 12, 19 January – Pulpit Supply
26 February – Ash Wednesday
March 2020 – Month of the Bible (James)
 7 March—RRP Committee Meetings in Denton
15 March (Pulpit Supply – Tom @ CP HQ)
16 March – CP Nominating Committee in Memphis
29 March – 5th Sunday – Reunion Sunday—5th Sunday Meal
 5 April – Palm Sunday
11 April – Love Ambush (EEH)
12 April – Resurrection Sunday
31 May – Pentecost Sunday –5th Sunday Meal
6, 20, 27 Sep – Pulpit Supply


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