Saturday, June 11, 2016

News & Updates

Up to Date Updates as of  14 June 2017

Our campers head out Tuesday, 20 June 2017.  Please pray for their safe travel and earth shattering experiences at camp.

We enjoyed Pastor Fredrick's visit this past week.  Now we are looking forward to the Walk A Block for Jesus and VBS in July.

Chewy Tuesdays is underway.  See Don Foust to help.  Have families call him at (580) 660-6666 to register for the Tuesday meals packed and delivered with love.

We break from F4 during the summer and resume in mid September 2017.  Enjoy your break but don't lapse in spreading the gospel wherever you go.  See Tom to get GOD LOVES YOU - LOVE ONE ANOTHER wristbands and Gospels of John before you travel.

Men of Integrity meet at Rudy's Superette on the 4th Saturday of each month. We break for November and December.  The next Meeting is 24 June 2017..


  Dates to remember:  2017

20-25 June – Church Camp
24 June – Men of Integrity – 9 am @ Rudy’s
8 July – Walk A Block for Jesus (VBS Edition)
9 July – VBS Registration
10-15 July – Vacation Bible School (CPC)
22 July – Men of Integrity – 9 am @ Rudy’s
23 July – Pulpit Supply (Lori Schneberger)
25-28 July – Vacation Bible School (DC FBC)
30 July – Pulpit Supply (Tiffani Burns)
30 July – Fellowship Meal (Team 2)
1-11 August – Backpack Ministry (4 August – Sign Up [need a few helpers] & 9 August – Pick Up [need many helpers]).  Contact Heather Spence if you would like to help. Contact Kendra Walker if you see some great off season prices.
12 August – Elder Retreat
26 August – Men of Integrity – 9 am @ Rudy’s
28 Oct – Trunk or Treat (Saturday)


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