Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dates for Planning Purposes

 Burns Flat CPC
Dates for Planning Purposes

  *    Dates to remember:  2018
    4 Nov—DST Ends (Fall back 1 hour)
    4 Nov—Loaves and Fishes go out
    5 Nov—Day of Prayer
  10 Nov—Scouts (Rein) Food Drive (Bags in)
  11 Nov—Bless the Boxes (Operation Christmas Child)
  11 Nov—Revival at Marlow CPC - Unity
  14 Nov – F4 Finale & Talent Parade
  18 Nov—Community Thanksgiving Service (Location TBD)
   22 Nov--Use of FH (Spence)
  25 Nov—Loaves and Fishes come in to be blessed.
  26-30 Nov—Tom and Sharman out of the area.
    2 Dec—First Sunday of Advent
  5 & 12 Dec – Tom cooks 1 pot meal + activities
    9 Dec—Congregational Meeting to elect 1 Elder for 3-year term
  16 Dec—Christmas Play & Finger Food Fellowship—Team 3
  24 Dec—Christmas Eve Communion
  25 Dec—Christmas 
  30 Dec—Installation Service for newly elected elder
  30 Dec—Burning the Mortgage Celebration
  30 Dec—Fellowship Meal—Team 4

Dates to Remember:  2019
  6 & 13 Jan – Pulpit Supply (Rev.  Amanda Swint)
  16 Jan – F4 resumes (Orientation in Classrooms)
  26 Jan—Men of Integrity—2019 Kick Off
  9 Feb – Sweetheart Dinner
  23 February—Men of Integrity
  2 Mar—RRP Committee Meetings in Denton TX
  6 Mar – Ash Wednesday
  17 Mar – Pulpit Supply (Tom at CP Headquarters) – Rev Dale Nease
  18 Mar—Nominating Committee in Memphis
  20 Mar – No F4 (Spring Break) 
  23 Mar—Men of Integrity
  31 Mar—Reunion Sunday
  31 Mar—Fellowship Meal—Team 5
  14 Apr—Palm Sunday
  20 Apr—EE Hunt
  21 Apr – Easter – He is Risen:  He is Risen, Indeed!
  27 Apr—Men of Integrity
  27 Apr—RRP 
  1 May – F4 Finale
  5 May—Pop Tarts & Peanut Butter Offerings Begin
  25 May—Men of Integrity
  4 Jun—Chewy Tuesdays Kick Off
    9 Jun—Pentecost Sunday
  22 Jun—Walk A Block for Jesus (MOI joins WAB)
  29 Jun – 2 Jul – Camp
  30 Jun—Fellowship Meal—Team 1
  7 Jul—Camper Testimonies
  7 Jul—Backpack Ministry Kick Off
  7 Jul—VBS Registration
  8-12 July – VBS (13 Jul – VBS Pool Party)
  21 & 28 July—Pulpit Supply (?)
  27 Jul—Men of Integrity
  5 Aug—Breakfast for Teachers & School Staff (?)
  17 Aug—RRP Committee Meetings in Denton TX
  24 Aug—Men of Integrity
  28 Sep—Men of Integrity
  28 Sep—RRP @ 
  29 Sep—Fellowship Meal—Team 2
  26 Oct—Men of Integrity
  1 Dec—First Sunday of Advent
  15 Dec—Christmas Play & Finger Food Fellowship—Team 3
  25 Dec—Christmas
  29 Dec—Fellowship Meal—Team 4

Blood Drive 2019

Friday, July 6, 2018

How good is your memory?

How much do you remember about the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church?  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  These only need a few words each.  Take the challenge and see if you can provide the answers to the tasks and questions.

Name these kids:

What is this?

What is about to happen here?

What was the occasion?

Name these two in the front:
Who else can you name?

Name the ministry:

Who are these people and why were we in Mangum?

What's the story here?

Name these men:

What are these pictures all about?

What are these ladies up to?

Who is clearing the church parking lot?

What's this all about?

What was this ministry and who is that little girl?

What was this all about?

Who is this woman?  Kim McCurdy once told me that her cats helped her bake!!!

Remember these guys.  Man could they sing.  What was their name?  Where were they from?

What happened here?

And here?

And here?

Name these people:

Where is this cross located?

Name these two:

What's happening here?

If you didn't know all the answers, then you might want to check out the Burns Flat CPC history.