Saturday, June 11, 2016


Welcome to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church website. 

It is our hope that you may come to know us a little before you ever come through the door, though nothing will replace those first handshakes and hugs that say, we really are glad to see you!

Our motto is God's Love in Action.  We may not be the best at citing the precise scriptures that tell you about God's love and salvation through Jesus Christ.  Sometimes we are.  Sometimes we know them by heart.

We may not always sing the hymns at the tempo the composer desired.  We may not have the most well-orchestrated transitions between the children's message and the prayer.

It's not because we don't know our Bible.  We do.
It's not because we don't know the songs.  We do.
It's not because we are not reverent in worship.  We are.

It's because we know with certainty that God loves us more than we can imagine.

We know that we, not the building, are the church.  Our testimony to you is our love.

How else could we respond to the grace of God?

We are real people with real struggles in today's world, but we have the peace of the Lord and strive to love God mostly by loving one another.

We want you to know life to it's fullest, the depths of God's love and grace for us, and the One whom we call Lord and do our best to follow.

We want you to know Jesus Christ!

Here is something to think about.  We don't go to church.  We are the church!  That's right, we who follow Jesus are the church.  Individually, we might be called disciples.  Collectively we are the church.

This does not mean that we don't gather together.  We do.  We come together to worship God, to serve our Lord, and to grow in grace together. 


That's a little taste of who we are.  Come and gather with us and get to know us better.  We love the Lord and we are on a mission to take his love to the world.

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