Friday, April 10, 2020

COVID-19 Message

It seems like even the kid who mows your lawn has a COVID-19 notice or message of some sort. Perhaps it is the Omega Variant or Monkey Pox now or just the crud. In any case, the world is much more consumed by news and commentary on the illness of the week now than a few years ago.  So as not to keep people in the dark, here is our statement.

We are doing our best to abide in our Romans 13 counsel without denying our Lord or abandoning the mission of the church.   We have returned to a full Sunday morning and have resumed our Wednesday evenings--we do break for the summer.

We canceled Vacation Bible School and the Backpack Ministry for 2020 but are back in full stride now.

We still broadcast our worship services. Just go to our Facebook page and like us and you should be notified when we begin our countdown to the live service.

We are still God’s love in action.  We have given out food and are prepared to help more in that area. We can help some with the extreme heat if they have no AC.

We hosted a blood drive while the schools were closed and one this summer as well.  

We resumed our Walk A Block for Jesus.

We hosted a pool party and invited the community.

We are checking on each other and helping our neighbors.

We pray for many.

We ask that you use the sound mind that God gave you but do not limit numbers.  We are still GOD’S LOVE IN ACTION!

We also post updates on our Facebook page so like us and stay tuned.

While there have been some changes and disruptions; we are still in the business of spreading the good news of life in Jesus Christ.  We are aware that there is illness in the world, but we use our sound minds as to whether we need to make any adjustments.

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