Wednesday, February 7, 2018



How does the work of the local church get done?  Who plans and who coordinates?  Often the answer to these questions lies in committees.  These groups of people who want to serve the Lord in various ways investigate, plan, coordinate, revise, and improve what was done the time before.  Why?  To bring glory to God by serving God in this small body called the congregation.

Not everything is done in committee, but much is.  Here are the standing committees of this local body.

Worship – In concert with the minister, prepares the order of worship, sanctuary, ushers, banners, and other aspects of corporate worship.  Selecting hymns and arranging for musicians or music from playlists, making sure liturgists know when they are scheduled, and arranging for special music and readings.  Also arranges for the training of acolytes, ushers, and arranges for choir practice.

Building and Grounds—Inspects the property of the church with eyes for maintenance requirements.  Identifies major areas requiring repair or replacement to the session, conducts minor maintenance, proposes and coordinates workdays when needed.

Missions—Connects the body of Christ with the community through events, food, distribution of gospels, and other outreach efforts.  Missions work that you might know—Love Ambush #1 (Easter Egg Hunt), Love Ambush #2 (Trunk or Treat), Backpack Ministry, Chewy Tuesdays, food baskets, Walk A Block for Jesus, and more.  The church was made for mission.  This committee organizes the bulk of our corporate mission work.  Such work can include mission trips near and far away.

Education—In concert with the Sunday School Superintendent, checks curriculum for soundness, coordinates VBS, recruits and vets teachers, and proposes educational events.  Think a workman approved for every good work.  Special attention is given to our children and youth.

Fellowship—Focuses mostly internally on keeping the body of Christ healthy and connected in many ways.  Meals on 5th Sundays, funeral dinners, and just get-togethers that let the people enjoy being God’s children with each other.  Also looks for new faces during worship services, welcomes them, and invites them to other activities of this body. This committee should always be on the lookout for anyone who does not seem to be connecting.  We have no strangers within the body.  Koinonia, inclusion, and family are keywords to this committee.

There is a place for you on one of these groups that plans and organizes and puts you right in the middle of the work of the church.  You do not have to be a member of the church to serve on a committee.

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