Saturday, June 11, 2016

News & Updates

Updated:  July 2022

We are back in full operation.  We should all use the sound minds that God gave us with regard to staying home when we are ill and assessing our own personal risk factors.

Our backpack sign-ups are complete.  We will give out supplies next week by appointment.

F4 resumes in September.  Please do not arrive before 5:45 pm unless you are a kitchen helper. More to follow.

We are still continuing our enhanced Facebook broadcast but hope you can gather in the assembly with us.

Please do not watch us at home.  If you tune in to our Facebook broadcast, please worship with us.  It's not viewing, it's worship.

Our next book for Study is Genesis. We begin after Labor Day.

Check out our new Shepherding List.

Follow this link for Planning Dates.



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