Saturday, June 11, 2016

Just a short note from Pastor Tom

This is the day that the Lord has made. 
Let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

Our entire lives are to be filled with thanksgiving and praise for God.

  For the Christian there is no such thing as despair.

  Christ has overcome the world!

  He made us.  We are his.

  He loved us more than we can even imagine.

  We didn’t deserve it.

  That’s grace.

  So how are we to live as people who were loved when we didn’t deserve it? 

How are we to live as people who are being shaped in the likeness of Christ?  How are we to live?

The short answer is abundantly.  To understand abundance, we must set ourselves on a daily course to become God’s light and love in this world.

To live this life fully, we must time and time again give fully of ourselves, even when we think there is nothing left to give.

To be truly rich we must first be rich towards God.
You don’t learn this stuff from the world.

We serve a Master—there’s a term that Americans don’t like—who tells us to be first we must be last.
He tells us to be servant of all.
That’s really tough medicine.  Sometimes it’s just too tough.

But we don’t just through in the towel.
God has given each of us his own Spirit to walk beside us daily.

Each of us has direct access to God.
Each of us is called to be a member of the Body of Christ.
Each of us is called to grow closer to God individually and to worship him with other believers.

We don’t go to church.
We are the church!

Jesus told us that we are the salt of the earth.
He said we are the light of the world.
He told us to take a message of good news to the entire world.

We as followers of Jesus Christ are truly strangers in this world.
Our God-inspired way of living makes us foreigners in a self-centered world.

But we are in good company.
Prophets and saints alike have been rejected by a world governed by sin.
We are obedient to God and that makes us different—it makes us uncommon.

We are destined to be brothers and sisters of Christ.
God ordained this before the creation of the world.

So let us profess our faith in Jesus Christ.
Let us surrender to God’s perfect will and be shaped as God intended.

Let us love others as God has loved us.

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