Thursday, July 28, 2022

Report of the F4 Meeting of 20 July 2022

 F4 Meeting Report

20 July 2022

Tom Opened with prayer.  In attendance were Laci Stegall, Amanda Rush, Kendra Walker, Des Simmons, Sharman Spence, Lynn Ferrari, and Tom Spence.  Kathy Stegall joined by phone.

Most were confident that we have been on a good course and just need to make some minor adjustments and keep recruiting help.

Times were confirmed:  6:00 – 7:30 pm.  No building access (or use of equipment/restrooms) except for workers & their children prior to 5:45 pm.  Kathy may be outside for some oversight but we do not want to encourage early arrivals.

Confirm Classes & Classrooms

Nursery – Children of Workers only

Others— Lynn will lead a 3rd grade only class (Leaving Kathy with 4th and 5th).

All age groups.  Women will join men for the fall semester

We currently have teachers for all ages/grades T-1 and above to include music

Cell/Smart Phone policy.  After the prayer, we ask that all phones be put away until authorized by the table parents.  Older children will be asked to engage in conversation until after they get their food.

Table Parents will moderate their tables.  They will have some scripted activities, but the goal is to migrate to genuine person-to-person conversations.  Conversation starters will be provided for each meal. Each table parent is asked to warm up with the following.

·         Table Mantra

·         Memory Verse

Among those who we may want to ask to be table parents are Mike and Fran Kiser.  Katy Horne could also assist someone.

·         Parents come in for positive transfer of children (ages?) (walkers?)

We do not need the police with lights flashing for departure of the children, but want make them aware of when we release the children and how we cross the highway.

Amanda always needs help in the kitchen.  Anyone who can come early is appreciated.

Instead of a Clean Up Coordinator, we will have a clean up checklist for each teacher so that each class will know what to do when it is their turn. The assigned clean up crew may take up to 10 minutes of class time if needed.

AC settings (everything to off at the end of the evening until November)

The schedule was changed to include a Fall Break and change Ash Wednesday back to worship but with no sermon. All worship Wednesdays will be preceded by 10 minutes in the classroom.  See separate page for the new schedule.

Next Steps

·         Laci will contact the Police Chief

·         Tom will produce a Clean Up Check List

·         Kendra will bring conversation starter cards

·         Lynn will confirm with Kathy about breaking out 3rd grade and advise all

·         Kathy will pursue a crosswalk near the traffic light

·         All are asked to review the thoughts in the moving towards a mission statement handout

Tom closed the meeting with Prayer

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