Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Something borrowed, something new. It's not just for weddings anymore...

I love it when we come up with an original idea of our own.  I also love it when we borrow an idea from someone else.  Living Waters is doing a Reunion Sunday.  Well, we will do one as well.  Brother Jim at the First Baptist Church in Burns Flat said that he would preach blindfolded if they assembled a certain number for Sunday morning worship. They did and he did.   I am all in with that.  We hit 80 to 110 on any given Sunday, so let’s say, if we get 175 on November 5th, then I will preach blindfolded too.

What else?  We do the pie in the face at VBS.  We have done the ice bucket challenge.  Paul said that he became all things to all people so that some might be saved.  Those “all things” may have changed a little in this new millennium, but we are charged to make the most of every opportunity.

We are going to lure in children with candy on the 28th of October and then ambush them with God’s love.  We call it Trunk or Treat.  We didn’t start it, but we use it to reach people with God’s love and God’s word.  That’s right, we have plenty of Gospels once again.

What else are we going to do?  Let’s get creative in taking God’s love and his salvation to this lost world.  Some folks just need to come home.  Some need to really hear the good news for the first time.  I have gospels and wristbands.  Do you have the desire to share them and God’s love?

There is a town birthday celebration on the 28th of October.  Would you want to set up something there?  I won’t run of out Gospels, I promise.

There are opportunities that I never see but that you may be just the right person to share God’s love, give out his word, or just invite people to connect with our church or any church that worships God and does it’s best to follow Jesus.

Someone could walk the square and give out gospels at the Pumpkin Festival.  Someone could stand where people often go to solicit money near the Elk City Walmart and give out wristbands and gospels.  Imagine standing there with a cardboard sign that read:  GOD LOVES YOU, OBTW I don’t need money but want to give you God’s Word.  Trust me.  I won’t run out of gospels.

What else?  I don’t know, but you might.  Find a way to reach people who are trusting too much in this corrupt world.  Bring them good news.  Invite them to know Christ.  Call them home to worship.  Challenge them to serve the God who calls them friend.  Tell them that you know where they can grow in God’s grace and enjoy a truly abundant life.

God is love.  We are his people.  Let us love one another and find new ways to call the disconnected home and reach the lost.

We are his commissioned!  It is time to step into the world as Christ’s ambassadors.

What are you doing this week to share the good news?

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