Thursday, September 23, 2021

Join us as we study the Proverbs


We have moved into the middle third of our journey through the Proverbs.  We have finished the first twelve chapters and are about to begin chapter 13.  The plan is that you read the designated chapter every day of the week.  It becomes the topic for Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings and for unspecified meetings, opportunities, and postings.

It, more than the baseball season or the cotton crop or the weather, should lead your conversations.

You can join in now and catch up later.  Read the first 12 chapters.  This Sunday begin reading chapter 13 every day of the week.  The links below will help you catch up.  Wisdom is worth it.


Proverbs 1

God’s way and everything else

Listen to mom and dad

Proverbs 2

If Statements

Best of Both Worlds

Proverbs 3

Those he loves

Trust is Wisdom

Proverbs 4

Get Wisdom

Body Alignment

Proverbs 5

How I Hated Discipline

In Full View of the Lord

Proverbs 6

To the ant, work is wisdom

7 things in the Everything Else Category

Proverbs 7

Easy Targets

Deer in the headlights

Proverbs 8

More Precious than Rubies

Quite a Package

Wisdom as the Ultimate Plank Holder

Proverbs 9

Leave Your Simple Ways

Stolen Water is Sweet

Proverbs 10

Blessings for now and for eternity

Breaking up is hard to do

Proverbs 11

Wealth is Worthless on the Day of Wrath

The Hope of the Unjust

Proverbs 12

The Prudent Overlook an Insult

Don’t be Stupid!

Proverbs 13


Proverbs 14


Proverbs 15


Proverbs 16


Proverbs 17


Proverbs 18


Proverbs 19


Proverbs 20


Proverbs 21


Proverbs 22


Proverbs 23


Proverbs 24


Proverbs 25


Proverbs 26


Proverbs 27


Proverbs 28


Proverbs 29


Proverbs 30


Proverbs 31



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