Saturday, September 19, 2020

Moderator Report for September 2020

 Moderator Report

September 2020


This has been a year for flexibility, but our mission has not changed.  We need to concurrently see what missions might be effective now and what we need to set our sights on for next year.

I previously recommended that we combine Walk A Block and Love Ambush #2 but I don’t think we will have the people dedicated to the walking task.  We still have a chance to make connections while people are out on 31 October 2020.

I recommend that we have a Love Ambush #2 (Logistics Only Version).  This would entail ordering about $250 worth of Christian pencils, cross necklaces, Jesus Loves You items and various other reminders of who God is and who we are—people called to love one another.  We also have wristbands, gospels, and videos.  We could put these out the last two weeks of October and let the congregation take what they might give away at their doors or as they walk with their kids around the town.  Leftovers could be consolidated for use in Chewy Tuesdays bags in 2021.

I don’t want to do something just because we have done something for over a decade.  I want to do something because we can still make Face-to-Face connections and talk about God’s love and his call to follow Jesus.

Recommendation #1.  That we order $250 worth of give away items for the congregation to use on 31 October 2020.

Following Kathy Stegall’s Backpack Ministry Report, I recommend that we authorize the Treasurer to issue a check to Kendra Walker for the balance of this year’s budgeted amount for the specific purpose of purchasing school supplies at off-season prices to better prepare us for 2021.

Recommendation #2.  That the Treasurer issue a check to Kendra Walker for the balance remaining of the 2020 backpack funds.  The budgeted amount was $1500.


Attendance is maintaining at 60+.  The computer is operating with some glitches on music transfer.

Broadcast set up in the front of the sanctuary seems to be acceptable to the congregation.

We have a few new faces and want to make sure we get to know them.

I will send out a draft liturgist list for 2021 soon.


Nothing was prepared for Sunday school classes to move up. No recognition was given.  Agenda item to see if we even want to attempt this in the future.

This was my idea but if nobody is interested, I won’t press it.

Building and Grounds.

The AC units for the kitchen and fellowship hall are not working.  The AC repair for the office/foyer area still requires some finalized action.  I think some makeshift repair was done absent the OEM part.  Larry Walker is following up.

The eastern Kitchen sink leaks but is not causing significant problems.

The ice machine has been cleaned.  Dishwashers cleaned. The filter on the RO unit was replaced.  Water producing as usual again.

Onsite ministry & fellowship

F4, Feed the Players, and 5th Quarters have resumed.  We had our first fellowship meal of the year.


Martha – Still in the black.  Spreadsheet on request.

Doors – Still unlocked on a recurring basis. Back doors included in this group now.

COVID-19 – Cases are still emerging in town and nearby but to date, nothing seems to warrant a change of local procedure or operations.  Pressing on until further notice

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