Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Church Year 2019

I have shared with many that I often do my annual sermon planning in late summer.  The Church year begins with Advent (end of November/first of December) and messages generally focus on this special season.  I have often used the lectionary.  I have preached the Confession of Faith for a year disguised as traditional sermons based on the supporting texts and have worked in the One Month to Live challenge, Paul’s letters, and other thematic seasons. 

First Light has been several years of working our way chapter by chapter through books of the Bible, including Leviticus, Proverbs, and the Psalms.

While I believe the Holy Spirit was at work in these planning sessions; He has also nudged me to change a message or two when the time came.

This Church Year (2018), we have moved topically in the traditional service, venturing into love, love and action, love and peace, and we will wrap up with rest. 

First light tackled Leviticus and then Hebrews, which will wrap up soon.

For the next Church Year, we will begin with Advent scriptures and then continue our topical journey with faith, truth, and mercy.

Next year’s First Light services will focus on Gifts and Gifts of the Spirit.

Some may just want to gather for worship and be surprised by the message.  That’s great.  Worship is truly about what you bring more than what you receive.  Others may want to have a general idea of what’s ahead.  Now you know.


Pastor Tom

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